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Destination River Resort

Destination River Resort, the venue for all, accommodation, weekend
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Groblershoop accommodation at its best

Following its development as a town Groblershoop accommodation has sparked in winding tourism possibilities. The special charm and the cozy mood of Groblershoop’s accommodation will make you immediately sense its special intimate atmosphere. With various luxury landscapes, guesthouses and holiday resorts which fulfills any tourist’s needs.
Groblershoop enjoys near-idyllic weather year-round. Summers are pleasantly warm, with hot summer days often cooled down by afternoon rain.
Groblershoop is a vibrant, diverse, cosmopolitan city: a melting pot of nationalities, races, religions and cultures. It offers a unique blend of first-world sophistication and emerging market vitality.

Groblershoop is renowned for its hospitality – possibly because many residents weren’t born here but have been attracted by the lively job market and upbeat lifestyle. Groblershoop is excel at making people feel welcome.
As foreign investment continues to grow, Groblershoop is becoming home to large concentrations of foreign residents and it is not unusual to hear French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Greek, Hindi or Mandarin around town.
Everything from homes to groceries is cheaper in Groblershoop.
You can get an entire house for the price of a studio apartment in a large city, and with more mom-and-pop outfits than big corporate chains, the price of consumer goods are often lower, too. Not to mention small towns tend to have low property taxes.
Less Traffic and Pollution. With fewer residents and towns you can drive across from end-to-end in 15 minutes, commuting is a cinch. You’ll save time and gas money, and if you’re a runner or biker, you’ll enjoy not having to jostle for space among heavy traffic.
Another side effect of less cars on the road is overall cleaner air, which is great because people in small towns love to enjoy the outdoors. (It’s part of that slower pace of living.)
Residential development within a town center can achieve premium rents and sale prices above market rates and attract residents from well beyond the traditional residential market areas due to the synergy created by the retail and entertainment uses.

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